Yuqing Wu

Yuqing Melanie Wu


Computer Science

Pomona College


Address 185 E 6th St. Claremont, CA 91711
Office Edmunds Hall 111
Phone 909 6079202
Email firstname.lastname at college-name.edu



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I am interested in data representation, query languages, query processing and optimization, indexing and security of data repositories for relational, semi-structured and graph data. My recent research  involves algebra for queries, normalization, indexing and the security of XML data repositories, the storage and query of data on the Semantic Web, exact and approximate search on graph data, data management in parallel computing environments, and analysis of social media data for social-economical insights.

Project: XPS: symmetirc queries as building block for effficient parallel query evaluation, funded by NSF XPS:EXPL:FP #1606557.

See the full list of publications on DBLP.

Study of Query Languages

Social Media Data Analysis

Parallel Data Management & Cloud

Keyword-style Search on Graph Data

 Graph Data Management and Query Optimization

XML Query Optimization

Indexing XML Data

XML Security

Health Informatics

Relational Database Management Systems