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Richard Loucks ex '13, wrote the song in 1910 for a blackface minstrel show performed by students to raise money for the sports teams.

žIn 1906, Richard Loucks attended the then operating prep school of Pomona College for one year.

žHe returned in the 1909-1910 period but reported that he "flunked out," and never actually graduated. Thus his name is noted in alumni records as "Richard Loucks ex '13" in records. The notation "ex" signifies a student that attended but did not graduate.

žAlthough he flunked out of Pomona College, he would later be honored with the first Trustee Medal of Honor, and a music scholarship was created in his name to mark his place as the writer of the alma mater. His son (also Richard Loucks '42) was a Pomona faculty member from 1948 to 1989.








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This research was carried out for the  Committee on College Songs by
student Cyrus Winston under the guidance of Professor Kim Bruce and Professor Sidney Lemelle.