Department of Computer Science
Pomona College
CS 151 - Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2010

instructor: Dave Kauchak
e-mail: [first_initial][last_name]
office hours: Edmunds 221
  Mon. 4-5pm, Tue. 10:30am-12 and Th. 10am-11
  and by appointment

TAs: Dandre Allison and Joel Detweiler
office hours: Edmunds 229
  Mon. 7-9pm and Tue. 7-9pm

time: M/W 2:45-4pm
location: Edmunds 114
web page:


assignment submission: How to submit assignments



No class on Wednesday 11/24
The due date for the first project status report is moved to 11/17 (originally 11/15)
Assignment 5 is available (starter code). Due Wednesday 11/10 at midnight.
Final project details are available.
Final project literature review is available. Due Friday 10/29 at 6pm
If anyone is having problems getting the files for assignment 4, I've also posted them here
Assignment 4 is available. Due Wednesday, 10/20 at midnight.
Assignment 3 is available. Due Monday, 10/4 at the beginning of class, in class.
I've extended the due date for Assignment 2 to Friday, 9/24 at 5pm.
Assignment 2 with starter code is available. Due Wednesday, 9/22 at 2:44pm.
Assignment 1 is available. Due Wednesday, 9/8 at 2:44pm


Note: This is a very tentative schedule and is subject to change
9/1intro, Python (pdf) - examplesCh. 1, 2.1-2.3  
9/6uninformed search (pdf)Ch. 3.1-3.4written 1 (solution)To be done by 9/13
9/8informed search (pdf)Ch. 3.5-3.6  
9/13adversarial search (pdf) - AB exampleCh. 5.1-5.3written 2 (solution)To be done by 9/20
9/15game playing conclusions (pdf)Ch. 5.4-5.9  
9/20Local search (pdf)Ch. 4.1-4.2written 3 (solutions) 
9/22CSPs (pdf)Ch. 6  
9/27probability (pdf)Ch. 13 (Optional: Appendix A.3)written 4 (solution) 
9/29more prob (pdf), mancala tournamentCh. 14.1-14.4  
10/4bayesian (pdf)Ch. 14.5, 14.7  
10/6bayesian (pdf)Ch. 18.1-18.2, 20.1-20.2.2,
popular media article
written 5 (solution) 
10/11bayesian/review (pdf)NB text classification  
10/13Exam 1   
10/18Fall break   
10/20HMMs (pdf)Ch. 15.1-15.3written 6 (solution) 
10/25HMMs (pdf)Ch. 15.5  
10/27machine learning (pdf)Ch. 18.1-18.3  
11/1machine learning (pdf)Ch. 18.8-18.9, Ch. 15, first subsectionwritten 7 (solution) 
11/3machine learning (pdf)Ch. 20.3  
11/8neural nets (pdf)Ch. 18.6-18.7  
11/10knowledge representation (pdf)Ch 7.4, 8.1-8.2, 12.1
Optional: NELL paper
11/15natural language processing (pdf)Ch. 23.4, 22.1written 8 (solution) 
11/17natural langauge processing (pdf)Ch. 23.1-2 Status report 1 due
11/22computer vision (pdf)Ch. 24.1-24.3written 9 (soution) 
11/24NO CLASS   
11/29robotics/review (pdf)Ch 25.1-25.2, 25.8-25.9 Status report 2 due
12/1Exam 2   
12/6philosophy of AI (pdf)Ch. 26  
12/8ethics of AI (pdf)   

Final exam (presentations!) on Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 2:00pm.