School education

I grew up in New Jersey and attended lots of schools during my time there: Woods Road Elementary School, Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Princeton Day School, and finally the Lawrenceville School. I was a first-former at the Lawrenceville School the first year they went co-ed (after 176 years of being an all male school).

After all that came MIT, where I double majored in computer science and math (my academic advisor was Gerald Sussman; Charles Leiserson and his then-PhD student Sivan Toledo supervised my undergraduate thesis). Then I went to graduate school in computer science at UC Berkeley, where I got my MS and PhD degrees (my advisor was Jim Demmel).

Now I'm a professor in the CS department at Pomona College.


I have two kids. Both are amazing.


I am very good at "suspension of disbelief", and generally prefer not to watch movies with (much) violence, blood, or suspense. This means I typically watch only a few very carefully selected movies each year, and instead mostly read movie spoilers. Reading, on the other hand, I love.