There will be n homework assignments and a final project in CS 181W. Assignments will be released after class on Wednesdays and will be due Tuesdays at 11:59pm.

You can find the course policies regarding extensions, regrades, and academic integrity here.

Assignment Description Due Date
A0 IRB Training   [handout] Tuesday September 6 at 11:59pm
A1 Project Proposals   [handout] Tuesday September 13 at 11:59pm
A2 Asking Questions   [handout] Tuesday September 20 at 11:59pm
A3 User Studies   [handout] Tuesday September 27 at 11:59pm
A4 Project Study Protocol   [handout] Tuesday October 4 at 11:59pm
A5 Project IRB Proposals   [handout] Tuesday October 11 at 11:59pm
A6 Project Related Work   [handout] Tuesday October 25 at 11:59pm
A7 Project Methodology   [handout] Tuesday November 1 at 11:59pm
A8 Project Data Collection   [handout] Tuesday November 8 at 11:59pm
A9 Project Data Analysis   [handout] Tuesday November 22 at 11:59pm
A10 Project Writeup  [handout] Sunday December 11 at 11:59pm
Project Presentations  [handout] Tuesday December 13 9am-noon