Department of Computer Science
Middlebury College
CS 1020 - Lego Robot Design
Winter 2013

  Dave Kauchak - [first_initial][last_name]
  Alec Cooper - [first_initial]s[last_name]
  Colby Horn - [first_initial][last_name]

office hours: MBH 632
  Su, T, Th: 7:30-10:30pm
  or by appointment (I'll be around most days during the day)

time: MWF 9am - 12
location: MBH 635
web page: (or go/cs1020)

general information:
In this intensive introductory course, you will design and build robots out of LEGO parts, sensors, motors, and Handy Boards (palm-sized computers), and then program your creations to do your bidding. We start by learning some fundamental skills in the context of building and experimenting with a simple robot. Then, working in small teams, you will design, build, and program a number of robots, culminating in a creative final project, which you will demonstrate to the college (and town) community in a "Talent Show" in the MBH Great Hall.

Some of the concepts and skills you can expect to learn in this course include: simple programming (sequencing, conditionals, loops, procedure calls, concurrency), procedural abstraction, basic electronics (voltage, power, motors, sensors), fundamental mechanics (building robust structures, friction, gearing), hypothesis testing and debugging, divide-and-conquer strategies for problem solving, modularity and abstraction, the value of simplicity and robustness, as well as creating web pages.


Note: This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change
 Date  Topic  Lab  Homework  Reading  Other 
1/7LEGO and Handy Board, sensorsBuilding a sciborgA better sciborgHandy Board basics
LEGO structures
LEGO gears
Art of LEGO Design
1/9Handy LogoHandy logo practiceImproved line followingIntro to Handy Logo
Handy Logo Summary
Quiz 1
1/11More Logo: parameters and
return values, brightness sensors
More LogoEight-ball challenge, part 1
Sciborg Grand Prix
1/14Sensor calibration, lab daysensor calibrationEight-ball challenge, part 2Handy Logo Reference 
1/16Logo concurrencymotors and concurrencyEight-ball challenge, part 3
Quiz 2
1/18Eight-Ball Contest!
Counting colors
Eight-Ball Contest
1/21Web pages (ppt)
example 1, example 2
Part sortingToys to think with 
1/23Part sorter showdown! Final project Quiz 3
School visits!
1/25Lab day, initial pics Final project  
1/28Project presentations, work day Final project  
1/30Last-minute prep Final project Talent Show
MBH Great Hall, 2-5pm
2/1Project presentations, cleanup Final project