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The ARCS (Autonomous Robotics and Complex Systems) Lab is concerned with improving the robustness and adaptability of autonomous robots. We employ a variety of techniques to optimize small (on the scale of 30 centimeters) robotic systems that are able to navigate unpredictable and dynamic terrain while at the same time being adaptive with respect to potential damage. See our Publications for more details.


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Our current project is to model, simulate, optimize, and fabricate a robot called the Adabot. You can find code for simulating the Adabot at it’s Github Repository and the paper can be found here on my CV. The visualization below shows the basic idea behind the Adabot.


As a side project, we have been working on a simple method for sharing simulation results with collaborators around the world. What we want, in essence, is something akin to an on-line video player, but with the ability to view the simulation from different angles. My colleague and I started on this project a few years ago, but we never had a polished product (you can see Dr. Jared Moore’s version here).

During the fall 2017 semester at Missouri State University, I gave the project over to a group of students in CSE 450. The visualizer above was created with some of the concepts and ideas that they implemented.

You can learn more about this work be reading our workshop paper.