From the course catalog:

Reading, discussion and presentation of research papers in an area of computer science. Each student will write a survey paper and must regularly attend the Computer Science Colloquium.

We will be using Zulip. Contact Prof. Greenberg if you haven’t received an invitation.

Meetings and Readings

Week Wednesday Reading Presenters Survey paper deadlines
1 01-27 Obfuscation of Executable Code to Improve Resistance to Static Disassembly; planning Prof. Greenberg
2 02-03 Producing Wrong Data Without Doing Anything Obviously Wrong! Aden, Cassie
3 02-10 The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work Jake, Wil
4 02-17 Software Aspects of Strategic Defense Systems, Unfalsifiability of Security Claims Alex, Daniel Paper topic and list of references
5 02-24 Runaway Feedback Loops in Predictive Policing Cassie, Alex, Jorge LaTeX exercise
6 03-03 Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile Jorge, Daniel
7 03-17 Automated Inference on Criminality using Face Images and revision with response Elvis Annotated bibliography
8 03-24 Encore: Lightweight Measurement of Web Censorship with Cross-Origin Requests Xander, Aden, Gabe
9 03-31 AUTOMAN: A Platform for Integrating Human-Based and Digital Computation James
10 04-07 On The Limits of Steganography Gabe, Samuel Paper outline and introduction (or other section)
11 04-14 Software Engineering Code of Ethics, Menlo Report Companion Elvis, Jake
12 04-21 Toward a Critical Technical Practice: Lessons Learned in Trying to Reform AI Samuel, Xander, Jack Draft paper
13 04-28 Peer review
14 05-05 MadMax: Surviving Out-of-Gas Conditions in Ethereum Smart Contracts Wil, James, Jack
05-07 Final survey paper

NB that the links are to local copies of the paper. Searching the title on the web will find you official versions.

Survey paper

The survey paper summarizes and relates 4-8 CS research papers. You must write your paper in LaTeX. You can use the senior project template or just the article documentclass. Papers will reasonably be between 7 and 12 pages; other lengths are possible, but we should talk.

You will be writing for two audiences: me (Prof. Greenberg) and your peers. Each of you will have to “peer review” two draft papers, offering constructive feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Sample papers from Fall 2020 to come.


If you don’t turn in a final paper, you won’t get any credit for the survey paper milestones, putting you at risk of failing the course. There is no unfortunately no room in the schedule for a late survey paper.

I expect the presenting pair to meet with me ~1 week in advance to plan; the presenters and I will chat briefly after class about what went well and what could be improved.