Programming With Grace


Grace is a new programming language designed to help novices learn to program.  It uses the latest ideas in programming language design to present a language that has simple yet extremely powerful syntax and semantics.  More information can be found about Grace at


Link to objectdraw library:

Link to Animation library:

Built-In Grace Types and Data Structures Documentation:

Labs for CS 51G at Pomona:

Link to other Grace information from a tutorial:

This includes a quick introduction to the objectdraw dialect.

Grace Language Home:

Grace: The Language

Grace: The Book

This page contains links to draft editions of the new text “Programming with Grace”.  This text is based on “Java: An eventful approach” by Bruce, Danyluk, and Murtagh.  We encourage you to take a look at the current version of the book and provide feedback.  It will be used in the fall of 2014 in an introductory course (CS51G) at Pomona College.


As of July 6, we have made some changes to the naming conventions in Grace.  As a result the names of most of the classes in objectdraw have changed in minor ways.  If you have older programs they will have to be modified.  We’ve also made some changes to the Animation library to make it easier to use.