Class: drawable GraceDocs
drawable. at(location': Point) on(canvas': DrawingCanvas) -> Graphic
abstract superclass for drawable objects


Method signature Return type
addToCanvas( c: DrawingCanvas) Done
Add this object to canvas c
asString String
Return a string representation of the object
color Color
color:=( newColor: Color) Done
contains( locn: Point) Boolean
draw( ctx: Foreign) Done
Draw this object on the applet !! confidential
frameColor Color
frameColor:=( newfColor: Color) Done
isVisible Boolean
Determine if object is shown on screen
location Point
location of object on screen
moveBy( dx: Number, dy: Number) Done
move this object dx to the right and dy down
moveTo( newLocn: Point) Done
move this object to newLocn
overlaps( otheObject: Graphic2D) Boolean
removeFromCanvas Done
Remove this object from its canvas
sendBackward Done
send this object down one layer on the screen
sendForward Done
Send this object up one layer on the screen
sendToBack Done
send this object to the bottom layer on the screen
sendToFront Done
send this object to the top layer on the screen
visible:=( b: Boolean) Done
x Number
x coordinate of object
y Number
y coordinate of object