Department of Computer Science
Pomona College
CS 190, Section 3 - CS Senior Seminar
Fall 2016

instructor: David Kauchak
office hours: Edmunds 224
  Tue. 11am-12
  Wed. 2:30-4pm
  Thu. 2:30-4pm
  and by appointment

time: Thu. 11am-12:15
location: Edmunds 251
web page:

course overview:
In this course you will explore research in an area of computer science by reading and presenting research papers related to text processing. In addition, you will write a survey research paper, which, for those of you doing a senior project, will help prepare you for your project in the spring.

other material:

Class Schedule

Note: This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change
DatePaperRTOTDReading notesPresenters
9/1Introduction. Lillian Lee. "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that": Linguistics Statistics, and Natural Language Processing circa 2001. In Computer Science: Reflections on the Field, Reflections from the Field .   
9/8Reid Swanson and Andrew S. Gordon. 2008. Say Anything: A Massively Collaborative Open Domain Story Writing Companion. In Proceedings of International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling.Finding papers Daniel, Sam
9/15Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern. 2004. Natural Language Understanding in Facade: Surface-text Processing. In Proceedings of Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling.Survey papers Ziv, Patrick
9/22Matthew Shardlow. 2014. A Survey of Automated Text Simplification. In International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications.Academic conferences Amanda, Andrea
9/29Adam Lopez. 2008. Statistical Machine Translation. In Journal of ACM Computing Surveys.Real life finances 101Sections 1+2Xiaoyang, Max
10/6Rada Mihalcea and Carlo Strapparava. 2005. Making Computers Laugh: Investigations in Automatic Humor Recognition. In Proceedings of HLT/EMNLP.Career fair Huu, Michelle
10/13 David K. Elson, Nicholas Dames and Kathleen R. McKeown. 2010. Social Networks for Literary Fiction. In Proceedings of Association for Computational Linguistics.1 min. survey topic presentation  Cecilia, Daniel, Ziv
10/20Mehran Sahami and Timothy D. Heilman. 2006. A Web-based Kernel Function for Measuring the Similarity of Short Snippets of Text. In Proceedings of WWW.Life of a professorSkip Section 5Wentao, Sam
10/27 Marjan Ghazvininejad and Kevin Knight. 2015. How to Memorize a Random 60-Bit String. In NLT/NAACL. Paper review process  Hannah, Huu, Amanda
11/3 Kishore Papineni, Salim Roukos, Todd Ward, and Wei-Jing Zhu. 2002. BLEU: a method for automatic evaluation of machine translation. In Proceedings of Association for Computational Linguistics.1 min. progress updates  Michelle, Andrea
11/10 Regina Barzilay and Kathleen R. McKeown. 2005. Sentence Fusion for Multidocument News Summarization. In Journal of Computational Linguistics.   Sections 1-3Max, Cecilia
11/17David Ferrucci et al. 2010. Building Watson: An Overview of the DeepQA Project. In AI Magazine.    Patrick, Hannah
11/24NO CLASS   
12/1 Sravana Reddy and Kevin Knight. 2011. What We Know About the Voynich Manuscript. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities.    Wentao, Xiaoyang

General Deadlines

9/23 9/165pmLatex exercise
9/305pmSurvey paper topic + 10 references
10/145pmAnnotated bibliography
10/285pmSurvey paper outline + introduction
11/215pmSurvey paper draft
11/295pmPeer reviews
12/95:00pmFinal survey paper

See the survey paper guidelines in the administrative material for more information on what is expected for each of these deadlines.

Submit all assignments through

Senior Project Deadlines

Below are the deadlines for those doing a senior project. If you are not doing a senior project you can ignore these. If you are planning to do a senior project, see the senior project information page for more details.

Fall Semester
9/64:15pmSenior project meeting, Edmunds 114
9/145pmRanked list of 1-3 topic/advisor pairs. Submit here
11/215pmProject plan draft
12/75pmProject plan

Spring Semester
2/911-12:15amProgress presentation 1
3/911-12:15amProgress presentation 2
4/64:15pmFinal presentations 1
4/134:15pmFinal presentations 2
4/205pmSenior paper draft
4/3011:59pmSenior paper