Department of Computer Science
Pomona College
CS 160 - Introduction to Information Retrieval
Fall 2009

Instructor: Dave Kauchak
e-mail: [first_initial][last_name]
office hours: T/Th 10:30am-12 and 2-3pm

time: MW 11-12:15
location: Edmunds 217
web page:
discussion board: TBA


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Final project specification is available
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Remember to read the popular media article (scheduled for 9/21)
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The page numbers for the homework are different for the online version, but the problem numbers are the same. Don't worry :)
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Note: This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change
9/2Admin. material, IntroductionCh. 1 except 1.2admin, slides, pdf
9/7Text pre-processingCh. 2, 5.1slides, pdf
9/9Index constructionCh 1.2, Ch. 4slides, pdf
9/14Index compressionCh. 5slides, pdf
9/16TF-IDFCh. 6 except 6.4.4slides, pdf
9/21Faster TF-IDFCh. 7, articleslides, pdf
9/23EvaluationCh. 8slides, pdf
9/28Spelling correctionCh. 3.3, 3.4, articleslides, pdf
9/30Relevance feedback/
query expansion
Ch. 9slides, pdf
10/5Web search basicsCh. 19 (except 19.3), articleslides, pdf
10/7CrawlingCh. 20slides, pdf
10/12Link AnalysisCh. 21slides, pdf
10/19fall recess  
10/21Text segmentationpaper, articleslides, pdf
10/26Audio processing basicspaperslides, pdf
10/28Audio searchpaperslides, pdf
11/2Image processing basicspaper, articleslides, pdf
11/4Project proposal discussion  
11/9Document Image searchpaperslides, pdf
11/11Information Extractionpaper, articleslides, pdf
11/12 4:15
Rose Hills
Document modeling
(substitute lecture)
11/16Text classificationCh. 13 (except 13.5), 14.intro,
14.1, 14.3-6, 15-15.3
slides, pdf
11/18Text classification2articleslides, pdf
11/23Text clusteringCh. 16slides, pdf
11/25No class, substituted on 11/12 
11/30Hierarchical clusteringCh. 17, paper, articleslides, pdf
12/2Online AdvertisingCh. 3.9.2, 19.3slides, pdf
12/7Ethics in IR  
12/9Review?(cross-lingual IR?)  
12/14Final time 9am - project presentations