Week 3: Movement

Key Points

  • This Week's Lab: Animated Character
  • Movement
    • Game Feel
    • State Machines
  • Games vs Engines
    • Game Engine Architecture
    • Workspaces and Multiple Crates
    • Code-driven vs Data-driven Engines
  • Animation
    • Sprite
    • Paperdoll
    • Triggering Animations

Check-in: Progress on 2D Games

Pairs of teams should get together and discuss what you've been up to with your 2D game. What have you implemented so far? What are the roadblocks you're up against? Can you figure out together a way to solve them or work around them by tweaking the design?

What has teamwork been like? Can you think of ways to improve it or make it more equitable?

Reflections on Rust (Again)

  1. What has been hard/confusing/weird?
  2. What has been surprising or cool?
  3. What do you wish someone had told you earlier?