Time T/Th 1:15-2:30pm


Lincoln 1135

Instructor Prof. Yuqing Melanie Wu


Edmunds Hall 221
  Phone 909-607-9202
  Email Melanie.Wu@pomona.edu


Office hours


M/T/W/Th 14:30-16:00

and by appointment

Student Mentors Jerry Yan, Madhura Jayaraman


Mentoring hours


Tuesday/Thursday 20:00-22:00


Course description:

Fundamental and cutting-edge concepts in database design: entity-relationship model, relational and semi-structured models. Query languages: relational algebra, relational calculus, SQL and XPath. Mechanism and design of database management systems: storage model, indexing, query evaluation and optimization, and concurrency control. Key ideas will be practiced via course projects that involve the design and implementation of real-life database applications.


CSCI052 PO and CSCI062 PO (or CMC) or CSCI60 HM and CSCI070 HM. CSCI081 PO recommended.

Course Materials

Course syllabus can be downloaded here. All other course materials, including slides, homework assignments, solutions, etc., will be shared via Sakai.